Nearly thirty years ago I fell into graphic design purely by chance and proximity rather than intent, but it was love at first sight and there was no turning back. 
In 1987 I landed a job as an engineering technician that would literally steer me head on into the world of graphic design.  I had already been producing maps, surveys and reports on tight deadlines and I loved it.  In 1991 I was asked to find the software and create a public service brochure on recycling, and oh yeah it had to be to the printer in two days. I love a challenge so it was game on and that's how it all started.
My passion and craft have grown leaps and bounds since that day but I knew I wanted more. I retired from the job that started it all and returned to college.  In 2016 I completed my associate degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division, and currently attending for my Bachelor's in graphic design as well .
I love graphic design, but to define it in a traditional sense would be too limiting- it's somewhere between a quiet, intimate dinner  and an international rave party. Its a complex, harmonic visual language that unites the cerebral and the creative to  translate the intangible into a clean, contemporary design that evokes a powerful, emotional connection with the observer.
Current Professional Membersips:
AIGA - Professional Association of Design
Graphic Design Guild
RGD - Registered Graphic Designers, Student
Society of Illustrators
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